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Secs: The Future

PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 6:52 am
by Siegfried
At one stage we were trying to simplify Egg, and we created Secs to enable us to satisfy user wishes for more features without compromising that plan. However, this was never a popular idea. We told users to "try Secs", but most still wanted the features (that Secs often had already) in Egg. Thus Egg started to receive more and more small upgrades. Eventually, due to a semi-related project, the Quad Timer function was added to Egg and we gave up on the concept of a simple Egg, adding instead the "Simple" mode so people who wanted less were not overwhelmed. Over time both programs have received upgrades, and since Egg is still more popular, it has been upgraded the most. However, the end result is that Secs is better than Egg in some ways, but Egg is better than Secs in most ways. We will be adding most of these functions to Egg, but since Secs works very differently to Egg internally it isn't as easy as it might seem! Recently, for example, we added sequential timers to Egg, but implemented it in a completely different way to Secs.

Here's where the story gets funny. Now more and more users want Egg features in Secs, which in our opinion would be a tad absurd. To us the smarter solution would be to add all of Secs features to Egg, and then have two identical programs with the same name. But we don't want to do that either as it seems dishonest. We think Secs should go in a different direction to Egg, having features that would not fit in Egg... but we're not really sure what. One plan is to make Secs the simple timer, leaving Egg to recieve all the features!

So, the question is, what do you want? At this stage it seems the best choice is to end development of Secs and focus on Egg... but since I personally find the name funny it would be a shame.