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8943 Axalara T9

PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, 2009 1:56 pm
by Siegfried
This line really surprised me; full scale Bionicle vehicles?! I would have never expect it for size reasons alone. Yet here it is, and it is indeed big!

Here is a Walrus to scale. When I first saw this model I thought, 'It's so big you could re-design it to be a mini-fig scale space craft!'... and while I won't actually do that, that's were the parts will probably end up. Note the two small wheels near the rider (Lewa Nuva); the front is used to open the weapon bay, the rear is for deploying the wing tips.

The back is full of extra bionicle bits. The black dome pieces work well here as engines... but the area still seems a bit lacking.

With a turn the forward wheel the door opens and the required shooting function is revealed. I actually expected that you'd be able to remote shoot them as well, but that needs to be done manually. For that haven't used the 'Midak Skyblasters', they are pretty cool. Four Zamor Spheres fit in (it's kind of like loading a pump shotgun) and are held in by spring pressure, and you can then throw them out one at a time. The gearing to open the doors is well done too and the top and bottom snap open nice and sharply. (It could be a bit stiff for kids though.)

The other main function are the extending wing tips. Here they are stowed for landing. As you can see, there's no room to carry Bionicle babes. On a similar note, before I show you the wing tips extended, I'd like to highlight one of the other design issues...

Ouch! Lewa Nuva needs to be lying really low otherwise his head is clipped every time. Poor guy...

Here they are extended and the landing gear retracted. For the purpose of the review, please ignore the white stand; it's not part of the set.

For the curious here's my stand. I made this as I found much of the model hard to photograph without it. The model is easy to balance at this point; the stand is just taking the weight and it's clip in with just a pin either side.

Lewa Nuva with his ride. I hope his head is feeling better.

Landing gear extended. If you rotate the wheel...

Image neatly folds up.

The Axalara T9 seems to fit most Bionicles. The Rahkshi (this one is Vorahk) due to their odd shape don't work too well...

..but Thok looks the part. See; he's smiling!

The front has some good details.

The model is too big for my photo area, and I'll embarrass myself here by proving it.

The panels just ahead of Lewa Nuva lift...

Image reveal a nice stowage area. (I do wonder where the engine of this thing fits though...)

The last sight the enemy will see before 8 balls bounce off his head.

The tip extension works via ball joints and a rotor.

Wing detail.

Door: Remote opening of two split doors via knob wheels.
Wings: Extending via rotor connected using ball joints and steering links, driven via knob wheels.
Shooting function: Boing ouch, boing ouch, boing ouch, boing ouch (x2)
Stand: Retractable.
Remote shooting would have been nice 8/10

Loads of the new panels and a lot of the newer bionicle parts. It's a great source of knob wheels too; 10 are included. 9/10

At $129.99 AUD for 693 parts it isn't good. Since many of them are pins it's pretty horrid actually. I bought this half price and I've either seen this set on sale... or not selling. 5/10

I like the design of this. From most angles it looks solid. 8/10

It's fun to swoosh around, but ultimately for a non-bionicle fan it doesn't offer a lot at full price. At half price it's a steal! 2/10

Overall: Not recommended at full price. 6/10

Re: 8943 Axalara T9

PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:38 am
by panistefanin
I agree on the price.
Thanks for the review and photos.
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