Guiltware? What is that?

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Guiltware? What is that?

Postby Siegfried » Tue Jan 15, 2008 12:55 pm

It's a joke, and probably not a very funny one. Traditionally "Guiltware" is aggressive shareware, but our programs are not that. The short answer is, our Guiltware programs can largely be treated as freeware; that is they will not expire, nag and they are not deliberately crippled in any way either. However, if you think we deserve it (and if $10 USD isn't a big deal for you) please either register one of our Shareware programs, or donate. The longer answer requires some back-story.

All Sinner Computing Software used to be freeware, and we had a licence that went something like this;

"This program is essentially free to use for non-profit purposes... -snip- ... Having said all of that, if you find this program useful, we would appreciate $5 US as a token of your appreciation."

In short, the programs were free, but we wouldn't mind some money. Eventually we decided that we would be clearer if we re-classed all programs as Shareware with a generous trial, and added registration functions. However, some programs simply are not suitable as Shareware; for example QWave and Slam are too small to include registration functions. So we have decided to go back to the original concept but with a different name. This is an experiment in honesty. Depending on how this goes we might change more (or even all) programs to Guiltware.
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Re: Guiltware? What is that?

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