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Twitter reacts to Ciaras nearly nude mat

PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:26 pm
by sherry2018love
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Ru sell Wilson will make an appearancein this month's i sue of Harper's Bazaar, or Julian Edelman Jersey at least, his arms will.Wilson's wife, Ciara, shared a family photo Tuesday from her recentmaternity photoshoot with the magazine:Just The 4 Of Us. @harpersbazaarus Ciara (@ciara) March 7, 2017MORE:The internet tries to interpret Michael Jordan's the ceiling is the roofThe photo has stirred up quite thereaction online, not only because Ciara appears to be very pregnant and James Develin Jersey tople s, but also because Wilson's head is mi sing from the shot.@ciara @harpersbazaarus @DangeRu sWilson milk (@FatherCain) March 7, 2017. @ciara @harpersbazaarus looks like @DangeRu sWilson is about to creep his head to the side and scream #Peekaboo. Cute shot!! Katie Scott (@KatieScottNews) March 7, 2017@ciara @harpersbazaarus @DangeRu sWilson Sean 28-3 (@Mr_Clean420) March 7, 2017@ciara @harpersbazaarus @DangeRu sWilson John Targia (@jtarg23) March 7, 2017.@ciara okay Ru s.. Derek Rivers Jersey Zack Peggins (@ZPeggins) March 7, 2017. @ciara @harpersbazaarus @DangeRu sWilson Nick is in London (@Nikfraz14) March 7, 2017@ciara @harpersbazaarus @DangeRu sWilson A Black Snowflake (@KingM91) March 7, 2017@Farrellsonfire @ciara Ramen Numeral (@_JimmyJuicebox) March 7, 2017@ciara @harpersbazaarus @DangeRu sWilson Jordan Bernhardy (@jordanbernhardy) March 7, 2017that's not Ru sell Wilson in the Steve Grogan Jersey Ciara photo, it's a stunt double. #CiaraPhotoConspiracyTruther Adam Tupitza (@AdamTheVictor) March 7, 2017What is Ru sell Wilson doing in that photo shoot man... SBG (@ORLGators) March 7, 2017