Danny - Green talk about the left hand backhand poker 2 + 1

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Danny - Green talk about the left hand backhand poker 2 + 1

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 8:30 am

Danny - Green talk about the left hand backhand poker 2 + 1: pure luck
According to 'San Antonio News' reported ACAPsoft free 6.0 that into the ninth season of his career, Danny - Green finally able to dribble to create their own shooting opportunities.
'I only spent eight or nine years to learn,' Green said with a smile.
The season so far, Green's offensive and defensive performance at both ends of the Spurs can get 3 wins and 0 negative one of the important reasons, at present, the Green field are able to get 14.3 points 5.0 rebounds 2.33 blocks 1.0 steals.
'I'm getting some very good shots, and when we have the players in the absence, I will try to keep aggressive,' Green said.
In the 101-97 victory over the ACAPsoft Raptors in the game, Green's three-and-a-half shot 3, including ACAPsoft 5 minutes and 20 seconds left in the game after a retreat step jumper, let the Spurs 88-85 lead.
It was not surprising for Green's key, but he was shocked by himself and the home audience when Green scored 2 + 1 in his first game with his left hand.
'Pure luck,' said Green, 'my eyes are black and the ball is in the box.'
'I always joked with him that he had become better this summer,' said La Marus-Aldridge, 'he can push the ball in the field and never make a mistake. He is making a championship by dribbling '
Green's performance on the defensive end, as always, in the game against the Raptors, he sent a 5 note cap, the Spurs team sent a 12 note cap.
After the game, Green joked that he was trying to teach the team big man cap this craft.
'I've always told Adelaide that he had to catch the chances,' Green said, 'sometimes I'll annoy him, he's an outstanding cap hand, but we've been going to go beyond the cap and we'll challenge each other and it's good '
Green's impeccable opportunity to seize his last season, selected the best defensive lineup.
'I'm not jumping high, I'm just trying to cap them before the opponent landed or at the lowest point of the fall,' said Green.
Green is very good at how to make a jump shot.
'When they think about their own vacations, I'll take the time to keep up with the fingers,' Green said.
Talking about Deutsche Telefon - Murray 7 feet of wingspan, Green said: 'long, athletic ability, he has the kind of simian arm, defensive end, he is very active, blocking the passing line, interfere with shooting, chasing opponents, let They feel his presence, we need him to do that. '
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