Wood floor oil purchase and use

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Wood floor oil purchase and use

Postby qizhen111 » Tue Dec 26, 2017 4:39 am

<P>Myth # 1: Do not need to strengthen the floor waxing and paint, should not use sandpaper polishing.</P>
<P>Myth 2: Ignore the maintenance, a long time is not clean, do not pay attention to ventilation, the situation is not timely repair, such as a long time after the drum does not repair and so on. In fact, as long as you understand the basic knowledge of floor use, laminate flooring maintenance is not troublesome. Attention to the relevant details in daily life, consumers can bring the floor, "long-term peace and stability."</P>
<P>Myth # 3: Do not use a lot of water to wash, often adhere to the floor dry and clean. Take care to prevent temporary flooding of the floor. If the floor with grease and stains, pay attention to promptly removed, you can use a soft home neutral mild detergent water treatment. Do not use caustic, soapy water and other corrosive liquids to contact the floor surface, not to use flammable materials such as gasoline and other high temperature liquid to wipe the floor.</P>
<P>Myth # 4: Avoid polishing with sandpaper. Because laminate flooring is different from solid wood flooring, laminate flooring does not require waxing and paint. The original appearance is relatively smooth, the brightness is better, waxing, but would rather superfluous, self-defeating.</P>
<p>Myth # 5: dry than the wet, the use of mop to clean the floor, the mop to dry and then use the better, too wet mop, water will infiltrate the seams in use, hurt the floor, causing the floor tilt deformation.</p>
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