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CoffeeCup StyleSheet Maker 5
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March 15, 2006

Greetings from!

The idea of a "bloatware simulator" is hilarious on its face, which is why we love Obrut--but don't be quick to dismiss the value of a bloatware simulator as a dev tool!

In many ways, of course, developers are smarter than anyone--but that's especially true when it comes to running lean, efficient machines. You can't afford to be slowed down by bloaty applications when you're working, and you generally know how to make smart choices and tweaks to avoid that. The downside is that it can be hard to conduct real-world tests on such finely tuned PCs. Enter Obrut, which lets you crank up the bloat (and simulate other high-load situations) without even having to download a service pack. Originally designed to simulate older machines, Obrut's ability to put a fat suit on your computer has a surprising range of uses, from simulating low-end machines to slowing down old computer games that assume a certain CPU speed.

Once you're done simulating bloat, check out this week's decidedly non-bloaty software Picks: KMail is a complete SMTP client for VB 6 that adds rich e-mail functionality to your software with a few lines of code; Javelin is a smart, streamlined, visual Java-productivity tool that should prove especially appealing to those new to Java; and Tarma QuickInstall is a lean, mean install-builder with a fresh new name.

Paul Hughes
Contributing Editor, CNET

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Bring your site up to code with this tool
HTML Tidy is a free HTML checker that points out areas not fully compliant with the published W3Cs standards. Learn how to install and use it.

Take your .NET application for a spin with ACT before rollout
Developers should always thoroughly test applications to ensure proper performance and functionality before rolling it out. One tool that will make this process easier is Microsoft's Application Center Test.

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Realbasic 2006
Create and compile applications for Windows and other platforms.

Deep Log Analyzer
Gather and analyze your Web site statistics, and create hierarchical reports.

Picks of the week

in Programming Tools
KMail 4.6.2
If you're building your software in Visual Basic and want to weave in the ability to send rich e-mails, we have the ActiveX component for you. KMail is a complete SMTP client for Visual Basic 6 that supports complex HTML e-mail--including all the niceties you'd expect, such as error handling, sender priority, recipient acknowledgement, embedded sound and images--the works. KMail also supports Base64 attachment encoding, with multiple attachments. What's the icing on this OCX-file cake? The developers give you a help file and the full source for an SMTP e-mail client based on KMail when you download the entire package.

in Java & Web Development
Javelin 7.6.6
You just have to love a productivity tool that promises to be "noninvasive." Clearly, these are developers who understand how annoying some supposedly helpful productivity apps can be. Not so with Javelin: this smart, streamlined, visual Java tool really does stay out of your way--while providing a lightweight, intuitive environment for working in Java. If you're just getting familiar with Java, you'll especially love Javelin's easy-to-learn interface, which uses UML notation without requiring any UML knowledge. Javelin takes care of all your source files, leaving you with a purely visual system for designing and working on classes and relationships.

in Management Tools & Editors
Tarma QuickInstall 2.99
Did you ever have a friend in elementary school named something like "Billy" or "Tommy"? Then one day, out of nowhere, he became just "Bill" or "Tom"--and somehow, from that day forward, he was much cooler. Changing one's name is a bold marketing move for a kid, but a smart one, and an install-builder we've covered several times has recently made the same move: Tarma Installer has become the much more grown-up, action-packed Tarma QuickInstall--in this case, to make room for the new, more full-featured Tarma ExpertInstall. Both offer a formidable feature set for their respective prices, and QuickInstall, née Installer, promises the same lean, mean, wizard-driven functionality, adding as little as 69K to your final install package. Somehow, that seems cooler.

This Week's Top Ten Downloads

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1. Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition Runtime Environment 5.0 1 4 39,540
2. No-IP DUC (Dynamic Update Client) 2 49 36,969
3. ActiveX Control Pad 3 198 23,518
4. Actual Drawing 4 79 17,433
5. First Page 2006 5 8 10,774
6. Web Page Maker 7 79 8,390
7. Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 79 7,835
8. Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) Development Kit (JDK) 5.0 9 3 6,943
9. Hex Workshop 10 178 6,659
10. DJ Java Decompiler 11 35 5,605

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