Andrew J. Glina

NSW Australia 2150

Mobile Phone: 040 998 3019
EMail Address:


Computer Programming
Over 20 years experience, including more than 10 years using MASM32 Win32 Assembly Language. Skills including Assembly, Android, Pascal, Java, php, MySQL, XML and C. Platforms include Windows, Android, Mac OS X, Linux, BeOS and UYK-20.
Web Design and Administration
Have maintained the ACAPsoft web site for over 10 years, job included a recent rebuild from HTML to php. Other work includes the hobby site and admin and modding work on, including a custom set database. Experience includes HTML, php, CSS, Java and MySQL.
Radar Maintenance
Experienced maintainer of several naval Radars plus associated computers and support equipment, including the 3D Air Search radar SPS-52C.

Relevant Employment

C Coder / Codec Engineer at 3ivx Technologies
November 2010 to Today

Writing, maintaining and supporting of c / c++ code primarily for video related applications. Example projects include transcoding tools (realtime as well as high quality), web plugins and codecs. Platforms include Windows, Linux, MacOS and BeOS.

Asset Management and Disposal Staff, JAV IT
July 2010 to November 2010

Installing, auditing and testing networking equipment.

Career Highlights

Owner and Developer, ACAPsoft
November 1999 to Today

Producers of Compact software for Windows and Android. Jobs include programming, web site design, maintenance and customer support. In addition to providing over 20 programs, ACAPsoft also does custom programs, including one made for the David Allen Company, and custom website development work. (ACAPsoft is also known as Sinner Computing.)

Career Highlights

Electronic Technician, Royal Australian Navy
April 1996 to February 2003

Career of almost 7 years as an Electronic Technician specializing in Radar Systems. Served on 4 ships: HMAS Perth, HMAS Hobart, HMAS Sydney and HMAS Darwin.

Relevant Education

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Monitoring and Cleansing Team, Aug 2002
Use and Maintenance of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protective Equipment and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical decontamination procedures
Fleet Training Center San Diego, AN/SPS-49 Radar Maintenance, Mar 2001
Long Range Radar Course
AN/SPS-52C 3D Radar Maintenance Course, Jul 1998
810 hour course giving instruction to operate, maintain and repair all functional areas of the AN/SPS-52C 3D Radar to sub-unit, circuit card and component level
Full RAN Course List Initial Technician Training Electronic Technician Course, Jun 1997
1320 hour course
Tasmanian Certificate of Education, 1994
Computer Science, Biology, Sports Science and Legal Studies


DSCM - Navy Headquarters (02) 6265 6403

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