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Full RAN Course List

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Monitoring and Cleansing Team, Aug 2002
Use and Maintenance of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protective Equipment and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical decontamination procedures.
Equity and Diversity Training, May 2002
Teaches what is unacceptable behavior in the workplace and how to handle it
Microsoft Word Application Course, Apr 2002
Teaches the fundamentals of Microsoft Word
PowerPoint Application Course, Apr 2002
Introduction to PowerPoint presentation creation
Basic Introduction to Computers Course, Apr 2002
Basic computer usage course
NAVCOM AN/UPM-155 IFF Test Set, Nov 2001
Advanced crypto-capable universal IFF test set
AN/SLQ-25 Torpedo Countermeasures Set Maintenance Course, Sep 2001
Towed Anti-Torpedo Sound Emitter
AN/WQC-2A Underwater Telephone Set Maintenance, Sep 2001
Sonar communications device
AN/UQN-4(M) Echo Sounder Maintenance, Sep 2001
Depth finding sonar with hard-copy display
Kelvin Hughes Colour Tactical Display Maintenance Course, Jul 2001
Advanced colour radar display with integrated tracking
AN/SPS-55 Radar Maintenance Course, Jul 2001
Surface Search and Navigation Radar course
AIMS IFF XII System Maintenance Course, Jun 2001
Provides comprehensive knowledge and experience of all aspects of secondary radar maintenance (Includes AN/UPM-137A test set, AN/UPX-72 Transponder, AN/UPX-27 Interrogator and AN/UPA-59A Decoder)
Fleet Training Center San Diego, AN/SPS-49 Radar Maintenance, Mar 2001
Long Range Radar Course
Nulka Active Missile Decoy Maintenance Course, Nov 2000
Operation and maintenance of the Nulka Anti-Missile system
RAN Physical Fitness Test, Jun 2000
Annual Fitness test testing minimal requirements for RAN activities
Excel Spreadsheet and Database Application Course, Oct 1998
2 Day course teaching Microsoft Excel fundamentals
AN/SPS-52C 3D Radar Maintenance Course, Jul 1998
810 hour course giving instruction to operate, maintain and repair all functional areas of the AN/SPS-52C 3D Radar to sub-unit, circuit card and component level (AN/USH-26 Recorder-Reproducer and AN/USQ-69 Data Terminal Set maintenance are integral parts of the Radar and form part of the course)
AN/UYK-20 Computer Operator / Maintainer Course, Dec 1997
Sperry UNIVAC military mini-mainframe computer
Electronic Technician Combat Systems ASTC, Sep 1997
Radar, Weaponry Fire Control, Navigation Aids and Sonar
Standard Combat Survivability Course, Jun 1997
Ship damage control, NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) warfare, firefighting and first aid
Initial Technician Training Electronic Technician Course, Jun 1997
1320 hour course
RAN First Aid Requalification Course, Jun 1997
St John Senior First Aid Certificate Equivalent
General Entry Recruit Training, Jun 1996
Basic RAN training
Good Working Relationships - New Entry Sailors Course, Jun 1996
Instruction in harassment, discrimination and equal employment policies
RAN Swimming Test, May 1996
Survival swimming in overalls
NC04 Ships Preservation Course, May 1996
Paint removal and application in a marine environment
Shore Firefighting Course, Apr 1996
Training in all aspects of domestic firefighting, including correct use of Breathing Apparatus
Occupational Health & Safety New Employee Workshop, Apr 1996
Navy optimized OH&S course
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