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The Beta Software on this page are either new programs or enhanced versions of existing programs. It is ACAPsoft policy to when possible allow new/altered programs at least one week of time in which they receive no major changes. (This generally does not include minor changes.) This is to give users time to comment on any changes and/or report any faults that they might find prior to final release. Attempts are also made to not bring two programs out of Beta within one week to ensure that maximum time is available to respond to comments on the new version.

Programs here have been extensively tested already, and in most cases, have already been in use for a few weeks. But that doesn't mean that there are no bugs in them. Some faults only come out under extreme conditions or unusual system setups. Furthermore, in many cases the ReadMe files are still not complete. Therefore, while it is preferred that they receive maximum exposure, it is not recommended that they are used by inexperienced computer users. It is also recommended that you back-up any relevant data-files in case they are altered by the new version and you prefer the old version.

However, it should be stressed that if you are a user of any programs that are currently in Beta, now is the best time to share with us on the forum any comments or ideas. Once a program is out of Beta then it might be months, if ever, before it is being worked on again. Please note also that unless said otherwise, regardless of Beta status, all programs on this site require payment for continued usage.

TwinSeek2.0TwinSeek - File Comparer and Duplicate Finder17 Apr 17
C++ conversion. Unicode support and removal of 150000 file limitation. Unfinished. 1st Beta
XorIt1.9XorIt - XOR File Encrypter11 Jun 13
Revised Xor-ing implementation. Unfinished. 1st Alpha
ACAPview1.0ACAPview - File Viewer22 Sep 09
Currently a simple image browser. Unfinished. 5th Beta
LunaBase0.92LunaBase - Reduced Weight Database30 May 07
Currently only usable as a simple database and/or a GigAlarm/JukeBx/TomeBase file viewer. Unfinished. 4th Beta
WhatFile1.0ACAPview - File Information Extractor30 Sep 05
Currently it's main use is as a word/line/character counter. Unfinished and no ReadMe. 3rd Beta
ACAPtxfr1.0ACAPtxfr - File Downloader29 Sep 05
Early version of what might become (yet another) download-manager. Unfinished and no ReadMe. 7th Beta
IPScour1.001IPScour - Internet Address Tools26 Sep 05
Includes a country code<->country converter, DNS lookup plus web and time server check. Unfinished and no ReadMe. 3rd Beta

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