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Privacy Policy

What information do we receive from you?

We track what pages on our websites are visited and what files are downloaded using our website log. The log records the IP address, time, filename, reported browser, Operating System as well as the previous page. Our forum uses "cookies" (small files that are stored on your computer for ID purposes) so you can stay logged in. We also keep most forum posts, EMails and website forms that you send.

What do we do with this information?

The website log data is only used to determine program popularity (or lack of) and for analysing long term growth/decline of program interest, identify our biggest site referrers and to help us determine if the website structure is efficient and clear. In short, it enables us to focus on programs that are more popular. EMails and EMail addresses are used only to enable us to provide the most relevant help in the future, and for using in our program update newsletters. (We try to not send any more than four newsletters per program per year.)

What don't we do with this information?

We do not give out, rent or sell any user information that we have to anyone, nor do we send any non-ACAPsoft related EMails to you. We are not involved in spam in any way.

What can you do about?

If you are on a list for software updates and you are no longer interested in receiving the newsletter then simply EMail us. We might send an EMail to clarify some details (for example if you asked for a modification to the program we would ask if you were still interested in us completing it) but you will be removed form the list without any further delay.


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