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Please note that we're in the process of changing our name back to Sinner Computing.

Since 2000 we at ACAPsoft have been re-defining the tiny program. For many a small program is one that would fit on a 1.44 MB floppy, but most of our programs need only 1/10th of one. To achieve this we write all our software in 100% Assembly Language, even our installer and programming tools! Most languages rely on "Run Time Libaries" to do low level functions, but with Assembly it has to be handled by the programmer. This makes programming harder but the results are worth it; our programs start faster, use less hard drive space, use less memory, respond faster, use less CPU time... This is why our programs are As Compact As Possible.

But we don't stop there. We strive to write programs that people actually want. For this reason we read and respond to all customers, and in most cases will implement all reasonable improvement requests. Egg, for example was never supposed go past version 1.0! Many features that Egg has today were requested, and it is now one of our most popular programs. Furthermore, while some of our programs probably will not be developed further, all of our programs are still supported.

Many of ACAPsoft programs have received excellent reviews on various websites, and in total our software has achieved millions of downloads. Our customers come from all around the world, including diverse countries such as Australia, Turkey, Germany, USA, Switzerland, Anguilla, Canada, Austria, Bahamas, Netherlands, Indonesia, Sweden and Israel to name a few. Major features of ACAPsoft programs include:

  • No changing system setting without asking permission; most programs have a list of changes that the program makes when requested.
  • No files are saved in the "Windows" directory
  • No alteration of system files
  • Single executable file programs (No external DLLs required)
  • Unified installer/uninstaller for all programs
  • No system registry usage without user permission
  • 30 day unrestricted trial
  • 30 day 100% Money-Back Guarantee on most programs
  • Easy help access
  • Availability of many previous program versions on website
  • Easy to read HTML help file
  • Compact file sizes
  • No SpyWare/AdWare/MalWare (We have been asked by a few companies to add some, but it is all so big anyway!)

ACAPsoft is also capable of customizing programs to your needs, or even writing programs to order, as well as website work. Read here for more details.

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9 Dec 00 Sinner Computing forms and releases QWave.

16 Apr 01 GigAlarm released.

2 Mar 02 iTimeSync released.

20 Feb 03 Break released.

9 Nov 04 Secs released.

1 Jul 05 Our software has been downloaded over 250,000 times.

21 Oct 06 Quad Timer Egg 1.4 released.

1 Aug 07 Our software has been downloaded over 500,000 times.

1 Jan 08 Sinner Computing becomes ACAPsoft, a name that, while substantially less interesting, better reflects what we do.

20 May 10 ACAPsoft becomes Sinner Computing, a name that, while substantially less clear, is a lot more fun.

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