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QWave - Quick Audio File Player

Version 1.618 KB Download / 40 KB Installed
3 Mar 10

2K / XP / 03 / Vista / 7

QWave is designed to simplify the previewing of audio files; most players will take up to 10 seconds to load just the program. QWave gets to the point faster by having only an icon in the System Tray and does nothing during start-up other than play the file. In addition, QWave itself is extremely small (6 KB - the ReadMe is larger than the program itself) and uses the in-built Media Control Interface to play files. Thus, QWave supports almost all Multi-Media files, including Wave, MIDI, MP3, MPEG and AVI. (Audio only.) QWave is able to configure itself to appear in the context menu of all files for easy previewing, but QWave can also be used as the default player or just as a link.



Compact and fast assembly language Wave File Player 1.502 : 5 Stars Award at !

Handy little proggie. If you ever liked the convenient way that sounds played on a macintosh, you'll like this. No need to start a bloated program like Media Player, this thing starts and stops automatically.

- Fats Terminal

Excellent (5/5)

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