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Purchase ACAPsoft Programs

ProgramLicensePrice (USD)*PayPal
Break Single$10.00
Chop Single$8.00
CPUSpy Single$7.50
CryptIt Single$8.00
Egg Single$10.00
GigAlarm Single$15.00 SALE! $12.49
iTimeSync Single$10.00
JukeBx Single$10.00
LotaMath Single$8.00
MaxWords Single$8.00
Secs Single$8.00
SmEdit Single$7.50
TomeBase Single$7.50
TwinSeek Single$8.00
Ute Single$8.00
Volt Single$8.00
XorIt Single$8.00
ACAP Buy-Three-Get-All v1.0 Single$24.00

License Types and Conditions

Most ACAPsoft software is Shareware, otherwise know as try-before-you-buy software. Thus, you are free to download any of our programs for evaluation purposes. For the shareware programs the evaluation time is limited to 30 days, but since we do not believe in persistent saving of installation data there is nothing aside from guilt to stop you deleting the program and re-installing it when it starts nagging. However, once you have evaluated the program you are required to either register it, or delete it. When you register ACAPsoft Software you will receive priority support and free upgrades to future versions of that program. (See below for important details.) On-line payments (that is PayPal) can take up to twelve hours to process due to time zone differences, but under four hours is more common.

Single User License $8.00 - $15.00 USD

This License is intended for users at home, and it allows the use of the registered program for the registerer as well as any other people who live in the same residence. For the purpose of this licence, a residence is seen as a house / flat / apartment / caravan / shed that has no more than 10 people living there. These people will hereafter be referred to as "Residents". Thus, there is generally no requirement for a husband and wife, for example, to both register the same program. This also means that multiple copies of a program may be installed by a user on his/her computers, including work computers, providing only the registered user and other residents use it, even if multiple residents use the program at one time. However, this license does not allow free use around a business, with the obvious exception being if the entire business is under 11 people and they all live at the same residence. For most businesses multiple licenses are required, or if sufficient numbers are involved, a site licence may be more appropriate.

Due to fixed processing fees it is not possible to give discounts for Single User Licenses.

This license is available via PayPal or Mail.

Site License: $120 USD

This licence covers all other uses and allows unlimited usage around a site. A site for the purpose of this license is defined as a group/work location that includes no more that 1000 user having access at one time of the registered program. Thus, a "site" will be in most cases an entire company. (The price of other licenses can be personally negotiated, but generally our price will be ($120 USD + ((Users-1000)/1000)) rounded up to the nearest $5 USD.) For non profit organisations we offer a 50% discount, but please contact us first to be sure that you are eligible.

This license is available via PayPal or Mail.

Free Upgrades

ACAPsoft currently provides free upgrades for all programs. In the future this policy might change, depending on how much a program is upgraded. We are considering, for example, making any version 2.x upgrades require re-registration, probably at a reduced rate. We will still provide free upgrades to everyone who registered prior to any policy change announcement. Furthermore, any released bug fixes are always free. (Please note that a probable 2.x version of iTimeSync has already been announced.)


If you have any troubles with our software we will assist you in every way that we can with fast and free help via EMail and our forum. But we want you to be completely happy with your purchase so we offer 30 day 100% money-back refunds on most of our programs. (If the refund is mentioned on the payment page then it applies, otherwise it doesn't.) The conditions of this refund are;

  • Payment must have been made using PayPal on this site.
  • Refund application must be sent less than 30 days after receipt of payment.
  • You must remove all copies of the software and delete all copies of the code we sent you.
  • The application form needs to be fully filled out.
  • Refunds will usually be processed in 1-3 business days. PayPal in most cases will return the money in a few hours.
  • Only one refund is allowed per individual customer.
  • Our refund policy is subject to change at any time without prior notice and is not negotiable.

Please note that while we do offer refunds on most software, it is still recommended that you take advantage of our 30 day trial prior to registering.

This policy is under trial. It may be changed or even removed depending on how it goes.


We feel that loyalty should be rewarded. Thus users who register three (3) programs are entitled to free licenses to other programs. The conditions of this policy are below.

  • The programs must be of the same version level. That is, you register three 1.x programs and you can receive 1.x licenses. (Currently all programs are version 1.x)
  • We will/can not give codes for Beta, Freeware or non-code processing programs. (QWave and Slam, for example, are too small to process codes.)
  • Be sure to use the same EMail address each time as otherwise we have no way aside from your name to determine if you are the same person. If that is not possible then telling us what your previous EMail address was will be generally be sufficient ID.
  • Please remind us that you have paid three times and would like your codes. We make no guarantee that we will note this fact ourselves.

While we do prefer people to register programs individually (it makes it easier for us to assess what are our more popular programs), we do allow also a single payment for all. Direct links are at the top of this page for convenience. If you do use this method please tell us at least one program that you use so we can gauge program interest.

Guiltware? What is that?

The short answer is, our Guiltware programs can largely be treated as freeware; that is they will not expire nor are they crippled in any way. However, if you think we deserve it (and if $10 USD isn't a big deal for you) please either register one of our Shareware programs, or donate. The longer answer requires some back-story.

All ACAPsoft Software used to be freeware, and we had a licence that went something like this;

"This program is essentially free to use for non-profit purposes... -snip- ... Having said all of that, if you find this program useful, we would appreciate $5 US as a token of your appreciation."

In short, the programs were free, but we wouldn't mind some money. Eventually we decided that we would be more clear if we re-classed all programs as Shareware with a generous trial, and added registration functions. However, some programs simply are not suitable as Shareware; for example QWave and Slam are too small to include registration functions. So we have decided to go back to the original concept but with a different name. This is an experiment in honesty. Depending on how this goes we might change more (or even all) programs to Guiltware.

Other Payments

This section is for Guiltware donations or if you have come to a pricing agreement with us. (Multiple amounts can be selected at once, enabling values of $40 to be selected by choosing "$10" and then entering 4 in the "Quantity" field.)

PayPal $5 USD
PayPal $10 USD
PayPal $25 USD
PayPal $50 USD
PayPal $100 USD
PayPal $250 USD
PayPal $500 USD
PayPal $1000 USD
PayPal All other

Consultation Fee for modifications and custom programs

This payment is required prior to work commencing on any special program modifications or a custom program. While this fee is non-refundable it does include single user licenses to all 1.x programs, just like the Buy-Three-Get-All offer. In some cases this will be all the payment we will require. The remaining payment is only required when the program is completed to your satisfaction.

Please do not pay until we agree to take up the project.

PayPal $24.00 USD

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