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Chop - File Splitter

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3 Feb 09

2K / XP / 03 / Vista

This compact program is for splitting large files (including ones larger than 4 GB) down to the byte level for easier distribution. (Or if you are a spy, you can divide a file up and even semi-encrypt it for security reasons...) It's also useful for splitting up blocks of stream data. Using either a normal window or a wizard interface, files can be split by either the number of files that you want, the maximum file size, or you can use preset common sizes for EMailing, floppies, Zips, CDs, etc... The program can Chop and UnChop files in Wizard and normal interface, and supports file time and attributes preserving, CRC to detect file corruption, command line operation and even simple encryption. In addition, if size is an absolute priority and you do not need any of the more advanced features of Chop, you can instead set Chop to create a very small BAT file which will rebuild the file without Chop.

Feature List
  • Chop can split files greater than 4GB; we have personally tested 12GB files.
  • Has 18 quick set sizes for common media formats like CDs, DVDs and USB flash drives.
  • The output size can be set by size or number, and a slider bar is provided to assist you to find the desired balance.
  • Output can be in the form of a "Chop" file (.chp) or as a simple file chunk.
  • File chunks are un-chopped using batch files (.bat) which are compatible with any Windows version.
  • Chop files allow the usage of extra Chop functions including CRC, encryption and adding a description.
  • Whatever output format you choose Chop can be used to Un-Chop the files. Chop can also be used to Un-Chop other files providing they are numbered in the same way that Chop does.
  • The encryption function uses a simple 32 character XOR technique. This is not very secure and is designed only to prevent casual viewing of any personal data.)
  • CRC is used to detect file corruption. In Chop file mode this is handled automatically (if enabled) and will notify you of any differences found.
  • Chop has the option of being associated with .chp files to make un-chopping easier.
  • Files can also be Chopped and Un-Chopped via command line instructions.
  • All settings are saved for convenience.
  • Multi-user setups are supported and Chop will run without any problems on a low privilege system and Windows Vista.
  • Chop is written in 100% Assembly Language and is very small and memory efficient. The program itself is under 100KB!
  • Chop can be easily run as a portable app from, for example, a USB key; it does not even need to be installed! Simply select "Extract" from the installer and then copy "Chop.exe" wherever you want! Our installer also supports installation on Window Vista without UAC prompts, as well as installation on low privilege logins.

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Thanks for Chop! I needed to get 17mb of files to work and have a few online accounts with 15mb storage space. Problem solved. No problems encountered.


CHOP is a top program!


Thanks for you utility, its been great


I have just installed your software, excellent product. Indeed not everyone has upgraded to 4 layered DVD-RW or Bluetooth home networks, we slow coaches are still using plain old floppies! Your utility has made transfer of files to-from notebook/pc a synch!

- Chishala

Chop 100% Clean Certified by Downloads-Portal

Your program CHOP is very utilised here in Burgos' University (Spain). Please continue inventing little great solutions for everyday..


Antivirus Report for Chop 1.504 on

Chop is an excellent program. Thank you for creating a simple, stable program with a small footprint, THAT ACTUALLY WORKS! :)


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