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SmEdit - Small Text Editor

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20 Feb 06

2K / XP

SmEdit is a compact text editor that packs far more features than its size suggests. Due to its highly configurable design, it can be as basic or as featured as you want. This makes SmEdit an extremely quick loading and flexible editor for most tasks. All Sinner Computing software, including SmEdit, was developed using SmEdit.

Highlights include: Auto selection of font, text colour, background colour and word wrap based on the files extension, bookmarks, programmable label search, programmable context menu insert text and run file list, auto file registering for 12 file types (plus 2 customizable types) with a unique descriptive icon for each file type, optional and configurable toolbar, optional Status bar, tray minimisation, word/character/letter/number/line/sentence count, external modification notification, partial loading for extremely large files, a customizable tool bar, a status bar with line and column number display, Unicode support, customisable time insert, go-to-line, full search and replace and multimode auto save.


$7.50 USD

30 Day Unlimited Free Trial!

All of us have a variety of .txt .bat .log .sys and so forth files on our systems. The less than stellar 'Notepad' application generally ends up being used to open or modify these files. Notepad does have one attribute, it loads fast. So does SmEdit, but SmEdit has a feature set that is closer to that of WordPad.


Excellent (5/5)

Multi-use Assembly Language Small Text Editor capable of handling large files 1.161 : 5 Stars Award at !

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