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XorIt - XOR File Encrypter

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20 Dec 07

2K / XP / 03 / Vista

Most file encryptors use methods that rely on the theory of computational security, that is the difficulty of key factorisation prevents decryption of the file. But this method may not work forever. It used to be considered that a 56 bit key was unbreakable to brute force attacks, but the government of the USA now requires all Top Secret data to use keys of at least 192 bits. This bar will keep raising as computing power increases. (It is argued by some though that this will never happen due to the laws of physics!) XorIt is designed to use conventional XOR encryption on keys that are the same size as the file to be encrypted. Furthermore, if you use an unpredictable file that is the same size (or larger) than the original file and you use this file only once, this is known as a "one-time pad" and it is completely unbreakable, even to computers 1000 years from now. This is because there is no algorithm at all, just a big key, and thus there is no pattern to follow once you have decrypted any part of the file. Thus attempts to decrypt it could result in any file, and there would be no way to verify that it has decrypted correctly.

XorIt is a 'lighter' and simplified version of CryptIt.

Please note that this program is for advanced users. If you are looking for easy encryption we recommend that you look elsewhere.If you need a key file generator we include one in our program GigAlarm. (XorIt will work without GigAlarm.)

Feature List
  • Extremely fast; can XOR a CD of data in under 2 minutes on most systems.
  • Simple to use. Select the source, the key and you're ready to XOR!
  • Multi-user setups are supported and XorIt will run without any problems on a low privilege login and Windows Vista.
  • XorIt is written in 100% Assembly Language and is very small and memory efficient. The program itself is around 50KB!
  • XorIt can be run from a USB key and does not even need to be installed. Simply select "Extract" from the installer and then copy "XorIt.exe" wherever you want! Our installer also supports installation on Window Vista without UAC prompts, as well as installation on low privilege logins.

$8.00 USD

30 Day Unlimited Free Trial!

Mr Glina coded XorIt on my request as I wanted a spin-off of CryptIt. And he added a special feature 'On Top Toggle' I asked for. As all ACAPsoft programs I dealt with it is small, fast, absolutely reliable, and has a very reasonable price.

-Dr Mike

Excellent (5/5) download

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