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Prior to starting our forum we archived old news headers so users could know when what was released easily. Here is a complete list of those headers. The links have been changed where relevant but otherwise it's the same as it used to be. Please note that the front-page formality has changed over time; we used to frontpage all changes, whether they were relevant to ACAPsoft (or Sinner Computing) or not. Now-a-days we don't, but we are considering either reverting or finding a new balance...

20 Dec 07Updated XorIt (v1.1)
8 Dec 07Updated Secs (v1.2)
8 Dec 07Updated Egg (v1.53 Beta)
8 Dec 07Updated XorIt (v1.1 Beta)
29 Nov 07Updated Secs (v1.2 Beta)
30 Sep 07Updated TwinSeek (v1.2)
14 Sep 07Updated TwinSeek (v1.2 Beta)
27 Aug 07Updated Egg (v1.52)
19 Aug 07Updated Egg (v1.52 Beta)
5 Aug 07Updated iTimeSync (v1.3)
31 Jul 07Updated Stims (v1.0)
23 Jul 07Added Stims (v1.0 Beta)
12 Jul 07False Detection by Avast For more information
3 Jul 07Updated iTimeSync (v1.3 Beta)
20 Jun 07Updated JukeBx (v1.3)
30 May 07Updated Chop (v1.51)
14 May 07Updated GigAlarm (v1.3 Beta)
14 May 07Updated Chop (v1.51 Beta)
29 Apr 07Updated JukeBx (v1.3 Beta)
28 Mar 07Updated GigAlarm (v1.29)
28 Mar 07Added SinViewr (v1.0 Beta)
5 Mar 07Updated Ute (v1.05)
18 Feb 07Updated Ute (v1.05 Beta)
18 Feb 07Updated Egg (v1.51)
7 Feb 07Updated Egg (v1.51 Beta)
4 Feb 07Updated JukeBx (v1.21 Beta)
4 Feb 07Updated Break (v1.25)
23 Jan 07Updated Break (v1.25 Beta)
23 Jan 07Updated Secs (v1.11)
16 Jan 07Updated Secs (v1.11 Beta)
31 Dec 06Updated Egg (v1.5)
27 Nov 06Updated Egg (v1.5 Beta)
27 Nov 06Updated Break (v1.24)
15 Nov 06Updated Break (v1.24)
15 Nov 06Updated Slam (v1.2)
4 Nov 06Updated Slam (v1.2 Beta)
30 Oct 06Updated iTimeSync (v1.2)
23 Oct 06Updated iTimeSync (v1.2 Beta)
30 Sep 06Updated JukeBx (v1.2)
22 Aug 06Updated Secs (v1.1)
7 Aug 06Updated Secs (v1.1 Beta)
21 Jul 06Updated iTimeSync (v1.15)
11 Jul 06Updated iTimeSync (v1.15 Beta)
26 Jun 06Updated Egg (v1.4)
8 Jun 06Updated GigAlarm (v1.29 Beta)
25 May 06Updated JukeBx (v1.2 Beta)
13 May 06Updated Volt (v1.3)
2 May 06Updated Volt (v1.3 Beta)
23 Apr 06Updated Ute (v1.04)
15 Apr 06Updated TwinSeek (v1.1)
15 Apr 06Updated TomeBase (v1.14)
15 Apr 06Updated Ute (v1.04 Beta)
5 Apr 06Updated TomeBase (v1.14 Beta)
26 Mar 06Updated GigAlarm (v1.28)
26 Mar 06Updated TwinSeek (v1.1 Beta)
19 Mar 06CNET featured Obrut in a newsletter last week
20 Feb 06Updated SmEdit (v1.17)
1 Feb 06Updated Obrut (v1.01)
1 Feb 06Updated SmEdit (v1.17 Beta)
10 Jan 06Updated Egg (v1.4 Beta)
24 Dec 05Updated Break (v1.23)
19 Dec 05Updated iTimeSync (v1.14)
12 Dec 05Updated Secs (v1.02)
9 Dec 05Sinner Computing's 5th Birthday
7 Dec 05Updated iTimeSync (v1.14 Beta)
5 Dec 05Updated Egg (v1.3)
27 Nov 05Updated Secs (v1.02 Beta)
25 Nov 05Updated Break (v1.23 Beta)
11 Nov 05Updated Egg (v1.3 Beta)
13 Oct 05Updated GigAlarm (v1.28 Beta)
13 Oct 05Updated Versus (v1.0)
6 Oct 05Updated Obrut (v1.0)
30 Sep 05Updated CryptIt (v1.3)
28 Sep 05Added Versus (v1.0 Beta)
23 Sep 05Updated CryptIt (v1.3 Beta)
1 Sep 05Added LunaBase (v0.9 Beta)
30 Aug 05Waiting for a reply? Read this!
1 Aug 05Updated XorIt (v1.03)
1 Aug 05Updated JukeBx (v1.11)
19 Jul 05Updated XorIt (v1.03 Beta)
19 Jul 05Updated JukeBx (v1.11 Beta)
4 Jul 05Updated Break (v1.22)
1 Jul 05Updated GigAlarm (v1.27)
29 Jun 05Updated CPUSpy (v1.042)
29 Jun 05Updated TwinSeek (v1.01)
29 Jun 05Updated Volt (v1.214)
29 Jun 05Updated TomeBase (v1.134)
29 Jun 05Updated GigAlarm (v1.27 Beta)
19 Jun 05Updated Ute (v1.03)
19 Jun 05Updated CPUSpy (v1.042 Beta)
19 Jun 05Updated TwinSeek (v1.01 Beta)
19 Jun 05Updated Volt (v1.214 Beta)
19 Jun 05Updated TomeBase (v1.134 Beta)
12 Jun 05Updated Ute (v1.03 Beta)
16 May 05Updated Break (v1.22 Beta)
30 Apr 05Updated Secs (v1.01)
19 Apr 05Updated Egg (v1.26)
14 Apr 05Updated Secs (v1.01 Beta)
9 Apr 05Updated Egg (v1.26 Beta)
9 Apr 05Updated iTimeSync (v1.13)
28 Mar 05Updated Break (v1.21)
28 Mar 05Updated iTimeSync (v1.13 Beta)
14 Mar 05Updated SmEdit (v1.16)
10 Mar 05Updated Break (v1.21 Beta)
6 Mar 05Updated Chop (v1.5)
2 Mar 05Updated SmEdit (v1.16 Beta)
2 Mar 05Updated XorIt (v1.02)
20 Feb 05Added Obrut (v1.0 Beta)
20 Feb 05Updated XorIt (v1.02 Beta)
15 Feb 05Updated Chop (v1.5 Beta)
5 Jan 05Updated Break (v1.2)
30 Dec 04Updated Chop (v1.4)
22 Dec 04Updated Chop (v1.4 Beta)
22 Dec 04Updated CryptIt (v1.21)
17 Dec 04Updated XorIt (v1.01)
14 Dec 04Updated CryptIt (v1.21 Beta)
13 Dec 04Updated iTimeSync (v1.12)
10 Dec 04Updated XorIt (v1.01 Beta)
9 Dec 04Sinner Computing's 4th Birthday
22 Nov 04Updated Break (v1.2 Beta)
22 Nov 04Updated Egg (v1.15)
13 Nov 04Updated iTimeSync (v1.12 Beta)
9 Nov 04Updated Egg (v1.15 Beta)
9 Nov 04Updated SmEdit (v1.15)
23 Oct 04Updated JukeBx (v1.1)
17 Oct 04Updated SmEdit (v1.15 Beta)
17 Oct 04Updated Secs (v1.0)
4 Oct 04Added Secs (v1.0 Beta)
21 Sep 04Updated GigAlarm (v1.26)
21 Sep 04Added WhatFile (v1.0 Beta)
29 Aug 04Updated XorIt (v1.0)
23 Aug 04Updated GigAlarm (v1.26 Beta)
23 Aug 04Updated iTimeSync (v1.11)
18 Aug 04Added XorIt (v1.0 Beta)
14 Aug 04Updated iTimeSync (v1.11 Beta)
9 Aug 04Updated CPUSpy (v1.04)
2 Aug 04Updated Break (v1.1)
29 Jul 04Updated CPUSpy (v1.04 Beta)
24 Jul 04Updated Volt (v1.211 Beta)
24 Jul 04Updated Break (v1.1 Beta)
14 Jul 04Updated TwinSeek (v1.0)
14 Jul 04Updated JukeBx (v1.1 Beta)
4 Jul 04Updated CryptIt (v1.2)
3 Jul 04Updated CPU (v1.001 Beta)
3 Jul 04Updated GigAlarm (v1.253 Beta)
1 Jul 04Updated Ute (v1.022 Beta)
30 Jun 04Updated QWave (v1.501 Beta)
30 Jun 04Updated Egg (v1.242 Beta)
28 Jun 04Updated SmEdit (v1.14)
22 Jun 04Updated TomeBase (v1.13)
22 Jun 04Updated iTimeSync (v1.104 Beta)
22 Jun 04Updated SmEdit (v1.14 Beta)
22 Jun 04Updated Slam (v1.121 Beta)
18 Jun 04Updated Chop (v1.311 Beta)
18 Jun 04Updated jFolder (v1.102 Beta)
18 Jun 04Added TwinSeek (v1.0 Beta)
5 Jun 04New PO Box in Hobart is now preferred postal address. See FAQ.
30 May 04Updated TomeBase (v1.13 Beta)
23 May 04Updated CryptIt (v1.2 Beta)
21 May 04We are back.
15 Apr 04Sinner Computing is relocating. Do not send any correspondence to the official PO Box.
5 Apr 04Exceeded 150,000 download count
5 Apr 04Updated Volt (v1.21)
31 Mar 04Updated CPUSpy (v1.03)
30 Mar 04Added IPScour (v1.0 Beta)
26 Mar 04Updated Volt (v1.21 Beta)
22 Mar 04Updated CPUSpy (v1.03 Beta)
13 Mar 04Updated Ute (v1.02)
6 Mar 04Updated Ute (v1.02 Beta)
6 Mar 04Updated Egg (v1.24)
29 Feb 04Updated JukeBx (v1.01)
22 Feb 04Updated Egg (v1.24 Beta)
21 Feb 04Updated Slam (v1.12)
15 Feb 04Updated Slam (v1.12 Beta)
15 Feb 04Updated TomeBase (v1.12)
11 Feb 04Updated JukeBx (v1.01 Beta)
8 Feb 04Updated GigAlarm (v1.25)
3 Feb 04Updated TomeBase (v1.12 Beta)
30 Jan 04Updated Chop (v1.31)
27 Jan 04Updated GigAlarm (v1.25 Beta)
23 Jan 04Updated Egg (v1.23)
17 Jan 04Updated Chop (v1.31 Beta)
17 Jan 04Updated Volt (v1.2)
10 Jan 04Updated Egg (v1.23 Beta)
9 Jan 04Updated jFolder (v1.1)
9 Jan 04 Exceeded 150,000 page hit count
6 Jan 04 Updated Volt (v1.2 Beta)
2 Jan 04Updated iTimeSync (v1.1)
27 Dec 03Updated jFolder (v1.1 Beta)
20 Dec 03Updated SmEdit (v1.13)
20 Dec 03Updated iTimeSync (v1.1 Beta)
13 Dec 03Updated JukeBx (v1.0)
11 Dec 03Updated SmEdit (v1.13 Beta)
9 Dec 03Sinner Computing's 3rd Birthday
1 Dec 03Updated CPUSpy (v1.02)
22 Nov 03UpdatedUte(v1.01)
19 Nov 03Updated GigAlarm (v1.241 Beta)
17 Nov 03Updated CPUSpy (v1.02 Beta)
12 Nov 03Updated Ute (v1.01 Beta)
1 Nov 03Updated Egg (v1.22)
25 Oct 03Updated GigAlarm (v1.24)
20 Oct 03Updated Egg (v1.22 Beta)
12 Oct 03Updated GigAlarm (v1.24 Beta)
11 Oct 03Updated SmEdit (v1.12)
5 Oct 03Updated iTimeSync (v1.02)
30 Sep 03Updated SmEdit (v1.12 Beta)
29 Sep 03Added SinnerDL (v1.0 Beta)
27 Sep 03Updated iTimeSync (v1.02 Beta)
8 Sep 03Exceeded 100,000 page hit count
6 Sep 03Added JukeBx (v1.0 Beta)
6 Sep 03Updated Egg (v1.21)
31 Aug 03Updated QWave (v1.5)
28 Aug 03Updated Egg (v1.21 Beta)
24 Aug 03Updated TomeBase (v1.11)
18 Aug 03Updated QWave (v1.5 Beta)
16 Aug 03Updated TomeBase (v1.11 Beta)
16 Aug 03Updated SmEdit (v1.11)
9 Aug 03Updated Chop (v1.3)
6 Aug 03Updated SmEdit (v1.11 Beta)
29 Jul 03Exceeded 100,000 download count
27 Jul 03Updated Chop (v1.3 Beta)
27 Jul 03Updated CPUSpy (v1.01)
18 Jul 03Updated GigAlarm (v1.23)
16 Jul 03Updated CPUSpy (v1.01 Beta)
4 Jul 03Updated Egg (v1.2)
26 Jun 03Updated Egg (v1.2 Beta)
23 Jun 03Updated CPUSpy (v1.0)
14 Jun 03Added CPUSpy (v1.0 Beta)
14 Jun 03Updated Ute (v1.0)
28 May 03Updated GigAlarm (v1.23 Beta)
26 May 03Updated Ute (v1.0 Beta)
21 May 03Added Ute (v1.0 Beta)
21 May 03Updated Chop (v1.2b)
13 May 03Updated Egg (v1.13)
10 May 03Updated SmEdit (v1.1)
3 May 03Updated Chop (v1.2b Beta)
1 May 03Updated CryptIt (v1.1)
30 Apr 03Updated Egg (v1.13 Beta)
27 Apr 03Updated SmEdit (v1.1 Beta)
3 Apr 03Updated SmEdit (v1.006 Beta)
1 Apr 03Updated CryptIt (v1.1 Beta)
30 Mar 03Updated Egg (v1.12)
26 Feb 03Updated Break (v1.0)
14 Feb 03Added Break (v1.0 Beta)
5 Feb 03Updated CryptIt (v1.0)
31 Jan 03Updated SmEdit (v1.003 Beta)
24 Jan 03Updated iTimeSync (v1.01)
21 Jan 03Added CryptIt (v1.0 Beta)
14 Jan 03Updated Egg (v1.11)
13 Jan 03Updated iTimeSync (v1.01 Beta)
12 Jan 03Updated Egg (v1.1)
10 Jan 03Created Family sub-website (
27 Dec 02Updated Chop (v1.2)
12 Dec 02Updated GigAlarm (v1.22)
29 Nov 02Updated Egg (v1.1 Beta)
29 Nov 02Updated SPS-52C page and added extra photo page
29 Nov 02Updated GigAlarm (v1.22 Beta)
29 Nov 02Added Beta Software page
8 Oct 02Updated SPS-52C page
5 Oct 02Updated Chop (v1.2 Beta)
15 Aug 02Updated Egg (v1.0)
24 Jul 02Moved to
20 Jul 02Updated GigAlarm (v1.21)
30 Jun 02Updated TomeBase (v1.1)
24 Jun 02Updated QWave (v1.41)
22 Jun 02Updated GigAlarm (v1.2)
22 Jun 02Introduced Sinner Light
22 Jun 02Added Sinner Computing News Archive
22 Jun 02Added Bert and the Luscious Manacle
19 May 02Added TomeBase (v1.0)
03 May 02Updated Chop (v1.12)
30 Apr 02Added CPU (v1.0)
29 Apr 02Updated GigAlarm (v1.16)
09 Apr 02Updated Volt (v1.1)
08 Apr 02Added Babylon 5 page and more links
07 Apr 02Updated GigAlarm (v1.15)
02 Apr 02Updated Chop (v1.11)
28 Mar 02Server was weird last week. Recommend re-downloading software.
28 Mar 02Created news section!

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