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Obrut - Bloatware Simulator

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22 Apr 08

2K / XP / 03 / Vista

We used to test our programs on an old P133 to ensure that they ran on older machines without trouble. However, this was not always a satisfactory solution as it still didn't test all high load situations. Furthermore, some of our programs (like JukeBx) would not run with all functions enabled due to the limited memory available. Thus we created Obrut to create high memory and/or processor loads and thus simulate a slow or overloaded computer. Obrut can simulate varying levels of single or dual CPU usage intensity at three levels of regularity, and both virtual and physical memory loads.

While Obrut is primarily designed to be a programmers tool, it can also be used to slow down old games that assume a certain CPU speed or to test how a computer handles under heavy load.



5 stars award from

The idea of a 'bloatware simulator' is hilarious on its face, which is why we love Obrut--but don't be quick to dismiss the value of a bloatware simulator as a dev tool!

-Contributing Editor

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