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WallNager - Wallpaper Changer

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27 Aug 10

Android 2.0 -> 2.2

Change the Wallpaper on your Home screen and keep your Android looking different! This can be done automatically from every 15 minutes to every 2nd day, or whenever you choose with a single button. WallNager can also optionally resize images (up or down) to fit any size screen and is written for a minimal system footprint.

Please note that you can find this application on the Android Market; for most users this is the best option.

WallNager Feature List

  • Minimal footprint; uses system timers so when it's not changing it's not running!
  • Source can be set to any folder on the SD card.
  • Switchable autochange.
  • Auto set timer on boot.
  • Can dynamically auto resize image based on your devices screen size.
  • No ads.


When WallNager is first installed it defaults to using the "DCIM" directory of your device as the source for its images. In a lot of cases this is where there will be some images, but they might not be the ones you want to use. For this reason the first setting you'll probably want to change is the Custom foldername. Start WallNager and open the Setting page. Go to Advanced Settings, select Folder Override, and then press Custom foldername. In the box type in the directory that you have the images saved, press OK, and you're done!

All of the auto options are off by default, so in particular you'll want to change the Change Frequency by enabling AutoWall selecting Change Frequency and then picking your time. (Please note that every time the menu of WallNager is show the repeat count is reset; this is to prevent a wallpaper that you manually selected being changed straight after you picked it!) The other settings are not as important; if the notification windows annoy you they can be disabled, and if you don't want to resize images based on your screen size (the recommended image size is shown on the main page) WallNager can re-size them for you. (It is recommended that you do resize them yourself; they'll be composed better that way and WallNager will use less CPU power each change.)

Programmers Notes

When Sinner Computing started about ten years ago one of the first programs written was a wallpaper changer. It was never released due to usability concerns, and instead it became part of Ute and later GigAlarm. Quite simply none of the available ones did what we wanted so writing one was the only option! The same thing happened with when we decided to extend to Android programming; a single wallpaper grows tiresome after a while when you're used to regular changes on a desktop computer. But none of the available options were suitable; too big, set directories, too much memory usage, inflexible intervals... So are we happy with WallNager? No, the folder selection is clunky at best and it will be improved ASAP. But we think it's a good start.

But what do you think? Advice/insults (on the subject of the program, not the programmer) are always welcome. Hopefuul we can improve WallNager so it can be your perfect Wallpaper changer too!

Licence and Registration

This program is released as Guiltware. If you find it useful and wish to show appreciation then either simply tell us, donate, or consider registering another program. There is no requirement to do anything; the program will not nag, expire, nor is it missing any features. Permission is given for all forms of distribution, including CD compilations and Websites, providing the apk file is unaltered and it is made clear that WallNager is a Guiltware program and that any costs are for the distribution, not the program itself. For further details please refer to the payment page on our website.

WallNager is a copyrighted work and thus permission is not given for you to decompile, disassemble, modify, translate, enhance or create derivative works from this program. If you feel that you need to do any of those actions, and that those rules do not apply to you, contact us first.



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