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TomeBase - Book and Movie Database

Version 1.1435 KB Download / 150 KB Installed
15 Apr 06

2K / XP / 03 / Vista

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TomeBase - Book and Movie Database

Version 1.14
5 Apr 06

Written by Andrew Josef Glina for Sinner Computing using MASM32 assembly language.


Program Info

Do you have more books and/or movies than you know what do with? Have you ever lost track of who borrowed what book or DVD? TomeBase is a compact Book and Movie database designed just for you: installed it takes up less than 100KB and can handle thousands of records. There are 19 data fields and they change depending on if the record is a book or a movie. The fields for books include title, author, ISBN, series, comments, price, while fields for movies include format, director, lead, time and location. Viewing / reading data for three people can be stored also. Other features include Search and sorting operations, AutoFill, an Executable Entry, and data can be exported to a CSV formatted file.

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Run "Setup.exe" and follow the instructions. To remove TomeBase use the "Add/Remove Programs" option in the Control Panel. TomeBase stores all its data files in the designated application data area, often "C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Sinner\TomeBase". If you would prefer that it saves in the same directory as TomeBase either run the program from a removable drive, such as a floppy of a USB drive, or delete the "DefSet.txt" file from the TomeBase directory.


When TomeBase is first started a blank data base is shown. From here you must create a new TomeBase, either from the Tool Bar or the pull down menu. Once you have created the data base you can then add as many books/movies as you wish!

To sort your TomeBase you select the field (i.e. have the cursor in the relevant window) that you want them sorted by and then select "Sort" from the pull down menu.

Menu functions

Tool Bar

NewCreates a new TomeBase Keyboard Command CTRL-N
OpenOpens an existing TomeBase Keyboard Command CTRL-O
SaveSaves current TomeBase Keyboard Command CTRL-S
AddAdds a new entry
CopyAdds a new entry and copies the current entry into it
DeleteDeletes the current entry Keyboard Command CTRL-DEL
BookSets the entry as a Book
MovieSets the entry as a movie
NextShows the next entry
PreviousShows the previous entry
GotoShows the selected entry number
SearchSearch the TomeBase Keyboard Command F3 or CTRL-F

Field Details

Title300Title of the book / movie
Author or Lead300Author/s of the book, or Lead/s of a movie (If the authors surname is first there is better sorting, but there is no requirement)
Subject / Style64Animals, Aircraft, Sci-Fi etc
Pub. Date or Rel. Date64Date Only
ISBN or Director64The book number or Director's name
Buy. Date64Date Only
Series300If the book/movie is part of a series or set
No.NumSeries number
PriceNumCost of the book/movie. Stores as cents/pennies, but displayed in Dollar/Euros/Pounds etc
Dewey or Format64Dewey Decimal number or  format (DVD, VHS etc) of the movie
Read A or View ANumIf person A has read the book / viewed the movie (Probably yourself)
Read B or View BNumIf person B has read the book / viewed the movie (Probably your partner)
Read C or View CNumIf person C has read the book / viewed the movie (Probably your child or friend)
RatingNumWhat you think of the book / movie. Make it out of 5, 10, 100 or 4 million. Just be consistent!
StatusNumThe current situation of the book / movie
Where64A description of where the book / movie is. If borrowed, who has it. If wanted, what shop. If shelved, what shelf.
Comments1000A description of the book / movie
Reference64This is a bit of a wild card entry. It was added as a space for a personal reference number, for example if you wish to use this program to monitor a small library and had a few copies of the same book / movie. However, it is unlabeled so it can be used for whatever is needed. As a further bonus, this entry can also be used for file names, with an "Execute" button. Thus, you could use this entry to store a name for a book cover image, or for a movie, the movie itself. (Unfortunately the size of this field is too small for effective use of this feature. It really needs around 300 characters to suit most filenames. This flaw will be rectified but to do so now would invalidate all existing databases.)


Auto fill allows quick setting of commonly selected entries for "Title", "Author", "Where", "Style" and "Reference". These lists can be customized by editing the "TomeAuto.txt" text file. To access this file select "Edit AutoFill" from the "Edit" pull down menu.. Once you have finished editing, save the file and select "Reload AutoFill" to enable your changes.

Programmers Notes

TomeBase will not be expanded much further.... but instead I will be releasing my long promised LunaBase database which will include the ability to use TomeBase database files. All registered users of TomeBase will be eligible for registration codes for LunaBase, and I hope to have an early version available in the first quarter of 2007.

LunaBase has been put back... again x 3. (LunaBase is starting to become Vapourware!) This time I have been more conservative with my estimates. Unfortunately, since LunaBase is not finished it is not popular so it is hard to justify work on it... flawed logic, I know. Even so, LunaBase is a required test for GigAlarm 1.3 so I need to finish it ASAP.

As with all of my programs I am interested in any comments, ideas for additions and possible improvements. My current plans include:

Merging of databases
Importing of CSV files
Improved searching, including a list of hits and logical operations (AND, OR, etc)


1.00Initial Version
1.10Added movie support and fixed the search function
1.11Pre-defined entries, Luna Base update, Registration
1.12AutoFill enhancement, Executable Entry, Luna Base update
1.13Keyboard Commands, interface tweaks, bug fixes
1.14New About Box, internal tweaks

Licence and Registration

Permission is given to evaluate TomeBase for a period of 30 days. After this time you are required to either register or remove TomeBase. Permission is given for all forms of distribution, including CD compilations and Websites, providing the ZIP file is unaltered and it is made clear that TomeBase is a Shareware program and that registration is required for continued usage. Full terms are on the FAQ page on our website.

TomeBase can be registered using PayPal, Reg.Net or Mail. For details on the terms of our licences and of our Buy-Three-Get-All policy please refer to the FAQ page.

Single User
PayPal $7.50 USD
Reg.Net $7.50 USD Bulk deals are also available here. Buy Now at Reg.Net
Mail, Cash $7.50 USD or $10 AUDPostal details in About box
Mail, Australian Cheque $10 AUD
Mail, Non-Australian Cheque $14.95 USD or $19.95 AUD
PayPal $100 USD
Reg.Net $100 USD Buy Now at Reg.Net
Mail, Cash or Cheque $100 USD or $75 AUD Postal details in About box


Sinner Computing accepts no liability for this software to the maximum extent allowable by law. Installing this software is the decision of the installer, and signifies that you agree with this liability statement. Thus, any damage/loss caused by the use of this software is not in any way the responsibility of Sinner Computing. This includes, but is not limited to, physical damage and loss of income/time. In no event shall the maximum liability of Sinner Computing exceed the registration fee paid by the user, if any. Because some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, in such jurisdictions the liability of Sinner Computing shall be limited to the extent permitted by law. If at any time you do not find these conditions agreeable you are required to remove this software.


Advice/insults (on the subject of the program, not the programmer) are always welcome. People who EMail can also be added to a mailing list and be sent news on the latest version. Simply send an EMail with "TomeADD" in the subject. (The address is at the top of this file and also in the program itself in the About window.) To be removed from this list, write an EMail with "TomeREMOVE" in the subject. Sinner Computing does not give out your EMail address to anyone.

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