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jFolder - Folder Customisation Utility

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30 Apr 02

2K / XP / 03 / Vista

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jFolder - Folder Customisation Utility

Version 1.1
26 Dec 04

Written by Andrew Josef Glina for Sinner Computing using MASM32 assembly language.


Program Info...

Want to make your folders and drives stand out for easier identification? Customize their icons then! This program allows Windows 2000 and Windows XP users to customise the appearance of icons for drives (Win2K only) and folders. You can choose the icon and tool tip of any folder, giving the same effect (if desired) of system folders like the recycle bin or "My Documents". Normal icon files can be used, as well as the icons within some Executable files.

Tested on...



Run "Setup.exe" and follow the instructions.  To remove jFolder, use the "Add/Remove Programs" option in the Control Panel. (Or simply delete the jFolder folder. No Sinner Computing programs store data in the Windows directory.)



Select your folder by using either the Choose button or by dragging it into the window. Next select your icon file. If the file is a DLL or an EXE file and it has more than one icon then you can use the browsing buttons to select your icon. Finally you can type a description/comment if you want. When ready, press "Go!". Once "Go!" has been pressed, "Cancel" changes to "<Undo" and "Go!" changes to "Finish". Pressing of the "Finish" button terminates the program. Pressing of the "<Undo" button reverts to the folder setup (if there was one) prior to this one. (A backup is kept in the folder.) Pressing "<Undo" a second time makes the folder un-customized.

Drive Icons

This feature does not work for WinXP. For drives the method is very similar, but there are some important differences. First of all, the description and the "Copy Icon" setting are ignored. Secondly, to undo you must restart jFolder and leave the Icon edit box blank while selecting the drive. To select a drive it must be in this format; "c:\", that is three characters with drive letter, then the semi-colon and the back-slash.

Folder This is where you choose the folder to be customized. Either drag it to the window, type it in, or use the "Choose..." button.
Icon This is where you choose the icon to be displayed. Either drag it to the window, type it in, or use the "Choose..." button. Below the edit box is a display showing the currently selected icon. If the file has more than one icon available the browse buttons can be used to select the icon that you want.
Copy Icon Selects if you want to copy the icon to the folder. This is useful if the folder will be moved a lot, especially if it is on removable media.
DescriptionThis text will be displayed as a tooltip over the folder.
AboutShows program details
Cancel / FinishedThis will instantly quit the program
Go!This will execute the current settings
UndoRestore the previous settings and/or remove all customization.

Programers Notes...

This was initially written mainly for my personal use and I just thought at the time that some others would find it interesting. (All it does is alter the "desktop.ini" file for the Web View of the folder.) However, while I think that I was the first with a program of this type, all but the tool-tips can be done standard with WinXP. This version is mainly for adding a few minor features and cleaning up the code. I am not really sure where this program will go next. It has been around for about 2 years and I think that I might be the only one that actually still uses it... It was interesting to work on it again however.


1.0Initial Version
1.1Ability to use Exe files as icons, tool tips, drive icon changing, major internal revisions


This program is free for individual use for non-profit purposes. If you find jFolder useful and wish to show appreciation then please register another program, but jFolder in itself isn't worth much.

Permission is given for all forms of distribution, including CD compilations and Websites. Just keep it in the ZIP file to keep the files together. To help Sinner Computing keep track of its distribution we would like an EMail from you to get a general idea of its usage, and also to encourage further improvement. Advice/insults (on the subject of the program, not the programmer) are also welcome. People who EMail can also be added to a mailing list and be notified of the newest version. Simply send an EMail with ""jFolADD" in the subject. (The address is at the top of this file and also in the program itself in the "About" window.) To be removed from this list, write an EMail with "FolREMOVE" in the subject. Sinner Computing does not give out your EMail address to anyone.


Sinner Computing accepts no liability for this software to the maximum extent allowable by law. Installing this software is the decision of the installer, and signifies that you agree with this liability statement. Thus, any unintentional damage/loss caused by the use of this software is not in any way Sinner Computing's responsibility, even if it is Sinner Computing's fault. This includes, but is not limited to, physical damage, or loss of income/time. If at any time you do not find these conditions agreeable you are required to remove this software.

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