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Playlists are a useful way to organize your digital music... if you have only a few hundred songs. Once you have thousands of tunes, it becomes a chore to modify playlists to suit changing tastes / moods. Also, playlists become completely impractical when you have to suit the musical tastes of various household members. JukeBx changes this. It creates playlists as it plays that it creates based on how you, and nine other users, rate the tune. It can even do the rating for you by monitoring what you play!


Compact alternative to much larger Audio File players. QWave allows an audio file (including MP3s) to be played virtually instantly as opposed to waiting for a larger program to load, display an window, and then play the sound. Auto registering is supported, as well as early sound termination for larger files.


Ute is a Compact utility with Time Syncing, Window Shutdown control, Wave File playing, Delayed / Controlled Running and JPEG/GIF/BMP Wallpaper Changing capabilities. It is optimised for Command Line Control but Wallpaper Changing and Time Syncs can also be performed in window mode. In addition it has a file backup function.

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